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CCPC is one of the most professional aluminium extrusion and fabrication company in China.  The main business of CCPC Group is Aluminium extrusion profiles, Aluminium ladders, Aluminium scaffolding, Aluminium mobile tower,Aluminum rolling tower, Aluminium work platform, Aluminium tool box, Aluminum formwork system, Steel rolling tower, Steel stacking tower, Fiberglass scaffold, Fiberglass fence and other kinds of OEM aluminium and steel fabricated products.

CCPC international,a subsidiary trading company of CCPC group,with the strongly support of CCPC group, which has been growing rapidly in the past two years and now has been an important division of CCPC group.

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about ccpc

China Construction Products Co.,LTD(CCPC) was founded as a group company, which is focus on manufacture, technology and trading in the past ten years. We have done our best to make CCPC be one of the largest and best construction products suppliers in China.

CCPC Group has 6 different factories and a sourcing company(CCPC International) based on different industry such as Aluminium extrusion factory, Scaffolding factory,Ladders factory, Fiberglass factory, Plastic factory and a aluminum casting factory etc. and other business partners...

Fiberglass ladder profiles
Aluminium sylinder profiles
Aluminium profiles
1.45m aluminium tower
Aluminium formwork,Full Aluminium formwork
Aluminium frame
Aluminum beam,Scaffold beam
Aluminium Beam
18" Aluminum Outriggers
Strong quality fiberglass ladder
High quality fiberglass ladder
Double side fiberglass ladder
Single side fiberglass ladder
Large Frames for garment screen printing
Billboard screen printing aluminum frame
Nameplate screen printing Aluminum frame
solar cell screen printing frame(die casting)
Die casting aluminum frames
Aluminum printing frame(SMT/PCB)
Adjustable leg for steel scaffold
Caster wheels for steel scaffold
Scaffold with aluminum plank
Steel frame scaffold
Steel ladder frame scaffold
Steel Mini Folding Scaffold
4ft. Steel Mini Foldable Scaffold
4ft. Mini Foldable Scaffold
Steel Multi-use Scaffold tower
Steel Scaffold with trap door
Steel Mini Scaffold
Steel Mini Scaffold
Aluminium tool box
Aluminum tool box
Aluminum truck box
Aluminum giant ladder(Big hinge)
Little Giant Ladder(Big Hinge)
Aluminium Giant Ladder(Big Hinge)
Little Giant Ladder(4*3)
Giant ladder with casting hinge
Aluminum Giant ladder
Little Giant Ladder/casting hinge
Aluminium working platform(CCPC2003-1)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC2003)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC2002)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC2001)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1008)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1007)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1006)
Aluminium work platform(CCPC1005)
Aluminium work platform(CCPC1004)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1003)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1002)
Aluminium working platform(CCPC-1001)
Double side aluminium ladder
Aluminium single ladder with balance board
Combination/Extension ladder
Aluminium combination ladder
Aluminium extension ladder
Aluminium single ladder
Scaffolding platform
Machining aluminium profiles
scaffolding main frame
Scaffold guard rail
Scaffold brace
scaffolding toeboard
Scaffold outrigger
Aluminium plan,Scaffolding plank
High quality Aluminum plank
Full aluminium platform
Non-slip aluminium plank
6061 Aluminium plank
Heigh quality aluminum plank
Aluminium plank
Aluminium hydraulic lift
Double Width Aluminium elevator
Single mast aluminum elevator
8 step aluminium ladder
Aluminium step ladder
Aluminum househould ladder
Aluminum group scaffolding
OEM Aluminium Scaffolding
Single width aluminum scaffold
Mini Scaffold
Aluminum Mini Scaffolding
Aluminum Multi-Use Scaffold
Aluminum profiles
Aluminum industrial profiles
Aluminum profiles
Aluminium platform,Scaffold platform
Scaffolding toe board
Scaffolding outrigger,Stabilizer
Scaffolding frame
Scaffolding Guard Rail
6m Aluminium mobile tower
4.8m Aluminium tower
Foldable Aluminum Scaffolding
Aluminium foldable ladder
Multifunction ladder
Alu Multifunction ladder
Aluminum Multifunction ladder
Aluminium extrusion profiles
OEM Aluminium tube,Aluminium profile
Aluminium extrusion profiles
Telescopic ladder
Aluminium household ladder
Aluminium telescopic ladder
aluminium foldable ladder
Telescopic ladder
Aluminium light scaffold
Aluminium Mini Scaffold
4ft Aluminum Mini Folding Scaffold
Aluminum tower with ladder frame
Aluminium tower with ladder
9M Aluminium mobile tower
6m Aluminum mobile tower
Aluminium fabricated products
Industrial aluminium profiles
Aluminium scaffolding tube

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